About Us


In partnership with the community, we strive to work together to build a high success rate of program achievement. We assist the youth to set them up for future achievements. We are dedicated solely to the youth and building a strong rapport with them. Academics, life skills, work, and programming are specifically designed to fit each youth with an individualized plan that is geared to help achieve their goals. We strive to give the youth the opportunities that they may have not been able to achieve independently. We work in union with the youth to foster a strong form of development.


Reno the Youth is a nonprofit organization program that is designed to allow youth the ability to turnaround their lives with successful completion of set program goals and life skills. The main objective is to create  positive experiences and opportunity through exposure. It uses the components of day to day life skills, education, support programs, and services that provide the youth the chance to learn job readiness skills that can be used to foster future apprenticeships and/or job opportunities.


Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, providing our program with work, or simply by spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you!



Anthony Nova

Anthony co-founded Reno the Youth in the idea that giving at-risk male youth an chance to better themselves by providing them the ability to build a stable foundation through hard work and dedication. Anthony was an at-risk youth growing up, Thankfully, he was given an opportunity to create a better future and now wants to reciprocate this to others through Reno the Youth program that Alicia and himself created.

Alicia Carey-Bianco

Co-Founder and CEO of Reno The Youth Organization. Alicia is passionate about charity organizations and their essential role in giving back to the community. With Alicia’s background in Psychology and consistent work with children and youth in various environments, it has become a passion of hers to see the future and well-being of children and youth stride into a greater direction. Alicia has a passion for child-welfare, which has led her to the development of Reno The Youth Organization collectively with Anthony. Her previous experiences with children and youth played a major role in shaping her beliefs and passions for this organization.

Derick Christie

Derick was the programs very first candidate to successfully go through and pass all three stages of the program as well as receive his goal pay out at the end of the program. Derick was once an at-risk youth, who began working for Anthony's roofing company during this time. Anthony offered Derick an opportunity to work along side his personal home renovation. In return, Anthony built Derick an apartment in his basement as a place for him to live, seeing as youth homelessness is a major issue in Hamilton and surrounding area. During those years Derick was able to learn many skills in the roofing industry under the apprenticeship of Anthony which has lead Derick to push his own life in a positive direction. Derick is now his own crew leader for Reno the Youth.